Dead Wheels


Shopping trolly racing


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Dead Wheels is a genuinely unique racing game for many reasons. The first, and possibly most striking, is that, well, the only vehicle you have at your disposal is a shopping cart which is driven by a see through man.

The second reason that the game stands out is that the main goal, quite simply, is to survive and reach the finish line. To do so you have to guide the cart down a huge downhill course avoiding passing cars, which can make things very difficult.

If any of these cars crash into your cart, it is more than likely that you will end up flying through the air as a makeshift 'pilot'. Moreover, if you turn too sharply your driver will fly off spinning through the air, so you really do have to be very careful.

Dead Wheels is a really fun game that, despite not having much depth, provides moments of real hilarity thanks to some truly spectacular crashes.
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